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November 2019

Project presented at the Azimut Yachts Competition in Arts Thread.

Inspired by the Azimut Atlantis Collection this design combines the elegance of materials such as the dark oak wood with clean and modern lines. The minimalistic style and the attention to detail invites the occupants to relax and enjoy the journey.

During the day time the cabin can be used to socialise in an open plan living room and kitchen. The Atlantis 34 was used as a guide for the planning of the bathroom providing a higher sealing with the design of the exterior seating area. There is storage provided under the sofa, the kitchen and a closet next to the bed.

At night time the mechanical bed slides out into the living room. This allows the space to be transformed into a cosy double room. The sofa can also be transformed into an extra double bed by dropping the table.

Sliding doors with security catches are used for the closet and the bathroom.

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