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Clothing shop




May 2019

This project proposes a space for the Melbourne-based clothing brand called Kloke to expand their company by establishing themselves in the UK. I am proposing Merchant House, in Cardiff Bay as the new location for the expansion of their brand. The building has an amazing location and an outside area that can be used for temporary exhibitions.

The large scale project will provide a range of different spaces, such as a shop, where clothes can be displayed; a catwalk for shows promoting new collections or collaborations with other designers; and a café where people can enjoy a relaxed time after a day of shopping. It will also have changing rooms and studio space where clothes can be adjusted for clients. The aim is for the client to have a feel of the production process and of the origin from the pieces they buy. Becoming aware about the creative process of the product. The second floor will become a private area with studio spaces, offices and a photoshoot room.

The aim of this project is to fusion two practices, interior design and fashion. The beauty of the materials and shapes in fashion integrated in the design of this space.

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